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At Milestone Physio & Wellness Clinic, we understand that whether as a professional or amateur athlete, sustaining injuries is unavoidable but can be minimized. However, despite sustaining injuries, suffering from intense pain for a while can impact your recovery process. Therefore, when an athlete is suffering from any form of sports casualty, getting immediate and proper treatment is necessary in order to save time.

As an athlete, injuries can affect your physical, mental, and emotional health. However, with the help of a physiotherapist, they can assist you in recovering swiftly using therapeutic treatment such as sports rehabilitation. They will focus on easing stress, anxiety, pain, and other underlying conditions that accompany the injury. In addition, they will ensure the treatment plan addresses your physical, psychological, and nutritional health.

Who is a Sports Physiotherapist?

A sports physiotherapist is a therapy provider who has passed through the basic training and certifying program, such as a Diploma in Sports Physiotherapy, from Sports physiotherapy Canada (a Division Of The Canadian Physiotherapy Association). The diploma holder has experience in providing regular medical attention to both novel, amateur, and professional athletes in Canada. The educational system of SPC ensures that a physiotherapist acquires the required experience and education through courses related to protective equipment, concussion management, athletic taping, exercise prescription, and emergency care. In addition, this gives the physiotherapist the benefit to as well gain significant field experience by working closely with a certified and experienced physical therapist during their mentorship program.

Currently, in Canada, there are approximately 400 physiotherapists who have attained the certificate level in Sports physiotherapy. And over 300 physiotherapists who are holders of Diploma in Sports Physiotherapy. The experience gained during both programs helps a physiotherapist to get significant skills and experience needed to address different sports injuries, as well as guide athletes through the safe approach while returning to sports. All physiotherapists undergo an examination process that is coordinated by Sport Physiotherapy Canada. The examination helps therapists achieve high therapeutic standards when providing treatment. Sports physiotherapists also acquire additional skills in orthopedics during their diploma training process. Also, they understand the biomechanics of sports and common underlying possible causes that may occur with injuries.

Common Conditions That Requires Sport Rehabilitation

Various conditions may occur during the process of training or game. However, sports rehabilitation can be used to address certain conditions. Some of the conditions that can be treated using sports rehabilitation include;


When you come for your initial appointment at Milestone Physio & Wellness Clinic, our physiotherapist will work closely with you to know the cause of your injuries. They will examine your injury to identify areas affected and contributing factors. Thereafter, they will ask certain questions to know more about your health condition, symptoms, sports, and lifestyle. After a comprehensive analysis of your condition has been generated, they will prepare a personalized treatment plan using sports physiotherapy skills such as exercise physiology, concussion evaluation and management, athletic taping, sports massage, and functional return to sports training.

During treatment, your physiotherapist will focus on improving your balance, stability, power, speed, strength, range of motion, mobility, and agility before returning to sport.

As your treatment proceed, they will modify your treatment to include several therapeutic modalities that will improve your performance when you return back to the sport you love. They will also educate you on injury prevention and management technique to adopt in order to prevent excessive reoccurrence of injuries.

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Are you an athlete or team owner, and need a sports physiotherapist to provide immediate and comprehensive medical support service? Milestone Physio & Wellness Clinic can come to your rescue. Whether at the grassroots or professional stage, our certified physiotherapists can work closely with athletes to improve their performance and overall health. If you have any questions regarding this rehab, Contact Milestone Physio & Wellness Clinic to discuss how our sports physiotherapist can provide sports rehab to improve your overall condition and performance. 



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