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Relieve Your Shoulder Pain Using Physiotherapy Regimens

Say your final goodbye to shoulder pain!!!

Different factors can cause shoulder pain, such as arthritis, nerve injury that leads to abnormal shoulder movement, dislocation, and overuse of the shoulder, etc.

Shoulder pain can happen anytime: It could be when you lift something too heavy at an awkward angle or stretch behind an object to lift or place a heavy item. It might also show up when you sleep in the wrong position or make a repetitive movement that can stress your shoulder.

Irrespective of the pain you are experiencing, Milestone Physio & Wellness Clinic can help you rehabilitate your shoulder muscles and ease your pain so that you can return to your daily activities.

Is Physiotherapy Good For Shoulder Pain?

There are effective ways to cure your shoulder pain without going under the knife (Invasive surgery) or using harmful drugs.

At Milestone Physio & Wellness Clinic, our trained physiotherapist will conduct an extensive and thorough examination during your physical examination. The analysis is done not only to treat the symptoms but to find and treat where the problem originates from. For example, your neck and shoulder will be examined to assess your posture and range of motion, and then a check for structural damage will be performed using a particular therapeutic test. 

After the examination, your physiotherapist will provide you with a treatment plan to reduce your pain and other symptoms through manual techniques, acupuncture, specific movements, and advice relating to your case.

With this treatment plan, you will be able to recover fully. Your physiotherapist will expand your treatment plan to include gentle stretching and mobilizing of the tissues around your shoulder joint. In addition, they will also recommend some keep your body fit and healthy while at home. 

Common Conditions That Can Cause Shoulder Pain

Different factors can cause shoulder pain because of the complexities of the shoulder joints. However, common causes of shoulder pain are:

Arthritis: Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid Arthritis are the most frequent types of Arthritis that affect the shoulder. Osteoarthritis, also known as “wear and tear,” typically occurs due to old age or regular shoulder use. Rheumatoid, on the other hand, occurs when the immune system attacks the membranes around the shoulder joint, thereby leading to inflammation of the joint and lining. Both can lead to pain during activity, causing the joints to become stiff and also experiencing a reduced range of motion.

Tendinitis: A laborious job, overhead activity, or sporting activity can cause excessive overloading of the tendons, thereby resulting in inflammation and hypersensitivity: this is known as Tendinitis. It can also be called tendinopathy.

Impingement: Impingement is one of the common causes of shoulder pain. It naturally occurs when you raise your arm over your head. This movement can either result in loss of range of motion or discomfort. This is common to people who play sports such as swimming and tennis.

Rotator cuff tear: A rotator cuff tear mainly occurs in people who repeatedly perform the same shoulder movement: It consists of 4 muscles, tendons, and soft tissues surrounding the shoulder joint. Sometimes, surgery is needed depending on how severe the injury is. However, you will still need an experienced physiotherapist and massage therapist as an integral part of the pre and post-surgery rehabilitation for a full recovery. 

Frozen Shoulder: A frozen shoulder, also called adhesive capsulitis, affects your shoulder joints: It’s a painful condition in which the shoulder movement or motion becomes limited. This usually happens if your shoulder has been in a cast for a long time. Frozen shoulder is primarily joint in women between the ages of 40 and 60.

Referral from your neck: Since the neck is directly connected to your shoulder, most of your shoulder pain could come from your neck. According to research, 60% of shoulder pain is connected to the channel.

What Are The Signs Of Rotator Cuff Damage?

If you perform the same shoulder movement repeatedly or you perform stressful activities like sports or energy-consuming tasks/work, there might be chances that you have a damaged rotator cuff. However, some rotator cuff tears aren’t painful, depending on how severe the tears are.

A dull ache in your shoulder, arm weakness, pain when trying to reach your back, and difficulty sleeping are some of the symptoms that come with a damaged rotator cuff. Even though some rotator cuff tear requires surgery, an experienced physiotherapist or massage therapist can help provide long-lasting solutions.

At Milestone Physio & Wellness Clinic, our trained expert will conduct a physical examination on you to determine the cause of your rotator cuff pain and prescribe the necessary treatment plan for you, depending on the examination result.

How Do I Find Out What is Causing My Shoulder Pain?

Different reasons can cause your shoulder pain depending on the type of pain you are feeling in your shoulder. With your shoulder complex, musculoskeletal structure comes with an increased tendency to have shoulder pain and discomfort.

Through some specific test or physical examination, you can identify the cause of your pain and any discomfort you might be feeling in your shoulder.

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