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Sexual Health and Wellbeing​

A lot of people would take every other aspect of their health seriously other than their sexual health and well-being. Apart from protecting yourself from terminal diseases that being careless could cause you, there is a need to take your fertility seriously, especially if you plan on having children. You also need to maximize all the pleasures and intimacy that your sexual life can bring you.

Suffering from sexual infection, diseases, or dysfunction can negatively impact your overall health physically, mentally, emotionally, and sexually. If you notice any discomfort while having sexual intercourse or pain around your private region, book an appointment with our certified specialist immediately.

Sexual Dysfunctions

Lots of individuals and young couples turn up weekly at Milestone Physio & Wellness Clinic to report sexual dysfunctions. This is a problem that comes to men as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and inhibited ejaculation. As for the women, it appears as pain during intercourse, lack of interest in sex, lack of orgasm, and involuntary painful contraction. 

Sexual dysfunction arises at the stage of sexual responses and cycles. At most stages, either the male or female experiences low sexual satisfaction during intercourse.

Low sexual satisfaction decreases the tendency of excitement, orgasm, desire, arousal, and response during sex. It kills the enthusiasm that comes with lovemaking. These dysfunctions are not meant to be treated as normal occurrences if they persist.

Should you experience all of these symptoms, then you require help. Reach out to Milestone Physio & Wellness Clinic immediately to avoid the consequences of being unable to satisfy your partner. Research has shown that the major cause of divorce has always been money and sex.

What Do Sexual Health and Well-being Mean?

Sexual health is a manner whereby the male and female who are both involved in a sexual activity learn to enjoy their sexuality as well as protect themselves from the risk of sexually transmitted diseases, sexual violence, and unwanted fertility that could lead to the development of a fetus while sexual well being involves how the male and the female are both able to maintain, protect and manage their sexual relationship.

When having sexual intercourse, the brain puts out analgesic and soothing endorphins. The organisms in the human body are oxygenated, and the muscles are relaxed and loosened up in order to let sexual activity flow smoothly.

Having to build good sexual health starts with following guidelines and taking medical precautions. The most common sexual health problems people experience has to do with physical factors and organs in the body. When one reports such cases, opting for immediate physiotherapy using therapeutic approaches can help maintain and restore the well-being and health of a patient.

Your sexual health can be improved by undergoing physical exercise, which will help to reduce pressure, anxiety, stress and regulate your emotional well-being. In addition, this will improve the libido, which drives mental energies related to or based on sexual impulses, and help it function effectively. Physiotherapy can positively affect your sexual health by improving your physical activity.


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