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Prepare Ahead For Your Recovery Journey With the Help of Physiotherapy!!!

Do you look forward to returning back to your regular activity as soon as possible after surgery? Well, we can help you achieve this. We understand that you might feel a bit nervous, scared, or worried about how fast you can return to your normal lifestyle without any limitations. At Milestone Physio & Wellness Clinic, we provide therapeutic treatment to those looking forward to undergoing surgery or if you have just concluded a surgical treatment.

If you are planning to have surgery soon and you need a recovery plan that will help and guide you to overcome the possible challenges that may arise before and after surgery, you can contact us to request an appointment with one of our certified physiotherapists.

What Exactly are Pre-surgical and Post-surgical Physiotherapy?

Pre-surgical physiotherapy is a therapeutic service designed to help patients planning to undergo surgical treatment soon and also aid patients’ recovery process after surgery. This therapy helps relieve pain, reduce inflammation, improve range of motion, increase joint mobility, increase body fitness, improve stamina, increase muscular strength, and fasten recovery. Most patients who opt for pre-surgical physiotherapy end up having a successful surgical outcome. A physiotherapist will recommend suitable individualized treatment, such as exercises to adopt in order to build muscles and improve your overall health.

On the other hand, post-surgical physiotherapy is recommended for patients who have recently undergone surgery. This therapy helps eliminate any underlying pain and discomfort that may negatively affect their recovery and ability to perform daily activities as usual. During post-surgical therapy, a physiotherapist will introduce a customized treatment plan to help lower surgery’s negative effects, improve muscular strength, avoid swelling, ease pain, and regain motion. Post-surgical therapy often takes a long period of rehabilitation time, depending on the type of surgery. Commencing your post-surgical rehabilitation is essential to ensure your joints and musculoskeletal system heal quickly.  

What are the Common Conditions Treated Using Pre-surgical and Post-surgical Physiotherapy?

At Milestone Physio & Wellness Clinic, we treat common pre-surgical conditions such as:

While other post-surgical conditions we treat include:

Meeting with a physiotherapist can help you identify what type of rehabilitation plan will be best for you.

Benefits of Pre-surgical and Post-surgical Physiotherapy

There are several benefits to having a physiotherapy session before and after your surgery. Some of the benefits include the following:

What Should I Consider Pre and Post-surgical Physiotherapy?

Generally, physiotherapy plays a very important role in drastically improving patients’ lifestyles and health. Pre and post-surgical physiotherapy is a contributing factor toward attaining safe and successful surgical outcomes.

At Milestone Physio & Wellness Clinic, we understand that surgery can impact the body in a different style. As a result, patients are likely to suffer from uncomplicated and minor surgical problems, which may escalate to a more concerning health issue. To avoid this, we recommend pre and post-surgical therapy to ensure a patient is well-prepared before the surgery and recovers quickly after the surgery.

Although, it has been noticed that a lot of surgical patients often take pain relief such as Opioids to ease their pain after surgery. At Milestone Physio & Wellness Clinic, we do not recommend or advise our patients to use that due to its negative effect on the body. As a matter of fact, physical therapy does not only help patient ease pain and fasten recovery but also address possible underlying pre/post-surgical issues such as decreased function, muscle weakness, anxiety & fear, inhibiting scar tissue, infections, blood clots, bleeding, as well as other factors.

According to CDC, it was discovered an estimation of about 115 persons dies daily from excessive intake of opioids, and about 29% of people in Canada who are prescribed opioids often misuse the harmful drug. Therefore in order to curb this opioid epidemic affecting the socioeconomic class and country, the CDC recommends that people should consider alternative health care like therapeutic treatment over-prescribed medication.

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Did you recently have surgery or plan to have one soon? Are you scared that it might not end up successfully? We have an answer to whatever doubt you’re having right now. Contact Milestone Physio & Wellness Clinic physiotherapist to book an appointment and begin a treatment plan that will help you return to your normal lifestyle soon.


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