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Physiotherapy For Pregnancy ​

Almost every pregnant woman always has one thing or another to complain about. Whether it’s back pain or fatigue, there’s always an issue. While pregnancy is a thing of joy, the pain that comes with it can sometimes be unbearable. However, you don’t have to worry too much; physiotherapy can help you lessen the stress and relieve whatever pain comes with pregnancy.

At Milestone Physio & Wellness Clinic, we offer pregnancy physiotherapies to help expectant mothers achieve relief from pains like chest pain, back pain, abdominal pain, etc. Our physiotherapist will use natural, non-invasive therapies that will help you live a healthy pregnancy life and help to smoothen your child’s delivery.

What are the Benefits of Pregnancy Physiotherapy?

During pregnancy, women have to endure some natural and artificial pains. Every woman’s body is different, so some may find it difficult to bear it. However, with pregnancy physiotherapy, they can overcome or relieve stress. Other tons of benefits one may enjoy from this therapy include:


Your body begins to prepare for the growing child inside you a few weeks into pregnancy. You become bigger and heavier. In order for this to happen, your ligaments get softer and stretch further. Also, you tend to gain more weight every month until the day of delivery. The effect of the increase in size can result in back and waist pain. Physiotherapy can actually relieve you of such pains and help you become stronger while awaiting your delivery period.


Pregnancy might be stressful, but delivery is much more painful. However, in order to overcome such conditions, you must be strong and capable of enduring the pain of childbirth. Most doctors often advise that pregnant women be physically active to garner the strength needed for child delivery. Physiotherapy can help you achieve this easily. Pregnancy Physiotherapy helps prepare women for childbirth by strengthing their musculoskeletal structure and improving their endurance. During therapy regimens, they will be taught how to push during labor. This will also help reduce pelvic floor trauma after birth.


Women encounter different posture changes due to increases in size and body weight. As a result, many pregnant women experience back or waist pain. Some of them might even get used to bent postures even after birth. Meeting with a physiotherapist can help you correct your posture. They will use therapeutic approaches to treat or relieve pain as well as help maintain proper posture. Physiotherapy is an effective way to balance your posture before and after child delivery.


It is common for pregnant women to urinate excessively or frequently. Also, your blood flow increases rapidly, putting your kidneys under greater stress than normal. However, weak pelvic floor muscles and an abundance of urine can cause you to be unable to urinate or have difficulty passing urine. This is very common in most pregnant women. A physiotherapist can actually administer certain exercises like kegel exercises, which may help strengthen your pelvic floor and make sure you pass urine easily. The exercise can also help strengthen your bladder and prepare it for childbirth.


Due to the increase in blood flow during pregnancy, carpal tunnel syndrome can happen. This causes the arms and wrists to become stiff and has a tingling effect on them. Since there’s excessive blood flow, this can cause the nerve to compress, resulting in numb wrists and arms. Physiotherapy can help to maintain consistent blood flow and relieve the pain that comes with carpal tunnel syndrome.

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Physiotherapy is beneficial before and after pregnancy. Apart from relieving your pain, it prepares you for childbirth and ensures that you have an easier delivery. Milestone Physio & Wellness Clinic provides outstanding therapeutic care for expectant mothers using suitable non-invasive approaches. Our physiotherapists will work closely with you to relieve your pain and ensure your child’s birth experience is more comfortable and less painful. Visit us today!


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