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Motor Vehicle Accident Physiotherapy Edmonton (MVA)

Do you feel pain or stiffness due to a recent motor vehicle accident? Milestone Physio & Wellness Clinic can assist you in addressing your pain, discomfort, and other possible underlying conditions.

Motor Vehicle Accident Physiotherapy helps relieve pain incurred from a car accident. While some car accidents result only in car damage, most result in health problems to the occupant, either mild or fatal injuries, which could vary from pain, stiffness, or other underlying condition on a different part of their body. At Milestone Physio & Wellness Clinic, our physiotherapist will help you recover from your injuries so that you can continue your everyday life.

When Should You Start Physiotherapy After an Injury?

Most people don’t know they sustain injuries after a car accident, as some symptoms do not show immediately after the accident. So the best thing you can do is to visit a physiotherapist as soon as possible after a car accident. Irrespective if you feel pain or not.

Head and neck injuries are the most common and severe injuries that occur due to a car accident. The body organs are all connected; as a result, a neck injury can cause spinal cord problems or a herniated disc. Not treating these injuries immediately can lead to more severe problems for the body. In addition, it is important to know that leaving certain injuries untreated for a prolonged time can be life-threatening.

Why Do You Need Physiotherapy After a Car Accident?

There are many reasons why you need physiotherapy after a car accident. After an accident, you may experience pain, stiffness, dizziness, or headache, and even some symptoms might not appear immediately. That’s why you need to visit a physiotherapist.

Apart from the pain experienced during the accident, they can also help you prevent long-term damage, which can hinder your daily activities. The quicker you visit a physiotherapist, the quicker you can resume your daily functions.

Here are some of the reasons why you need physiotherapy after a car accident:

1. Eradicate Pain: Car accident victims always experience pain and discomfort, which can hinder their daily activities. This is when a Motor Vehicle Accident Physiotherapist comes in. With the use of exercises and other training by the therapist, blood, nutrients, and oxygen would be delivered to the affected part to fasten the healing.

2. Reduces the chances of Surgery: Visiting a physiotherapist can help reduce your chances of going under the knife. With the use of massage therapy and physiotherapy, your muscles, tendon, and ligaments would be strengthened, thereby allowing your body to heal itself.

3. Reduces Vertigo Symptoms: A physiotherapist can treat dizziness and vertigo caused by car accidents: They can do this by rehabilitating your dysfunctional vestibular system, thereby improving your overall health.

4. Restoring function and mobility: Car accidents can cause damage to your joints, thereby affecting your mobility. Physiotherapy will help you relieve old pain and increase your mobility, even if you were in an accident some years back. In addition, physiotherapy could help put your body in shape.

What are the Main Approaches Used By a Physiotherapist?

At Milestone Physio & Wellness Clinic, our physiotherapist uses many approaches to treat motor vehicle accidents injuries, including:

What are the Common Conditions That Occur After a Motor Vehicle Accident?

Different injuries could occur in a car accident, but most depend on the scale of the accident. Some of these conditions include:

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Suffering from a motor vehicle accident can be frustrating and may tend to affect your daily function. Booking an appointment with a physiotherapist can help you reduce complications and get the adequate treatment you need.  

At Milestone Physio & Wellness Clinic, we will help you recover whether the accident occurred recently or previously. If you are involved in a car accident, seek medical attention immediately and make sure our physiotherapists are part of your recovery team.



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