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Back Pain Physiotherapy Edmonton​

Get Back Pain Relief with the Help of Physiotherapist Today!

Back pain is a very prevalent condition that can occur either in your upper, lower, or middle back when waking up in the morning or during your daily activities. This excruciating pain can be mild or intense as a result, you might find it difficult to carry out simple activities. Whichever intensity of pain you’re suffering from, physiotherapy can help you ease the pain as well as provide long-lasting relief.

According to a recent publication by the Canadian Physiotherapy Association, it was discovered “back pain is the most reported pain condition in Canada, and 1 in every 4 Canadian has suffered from back pain every 3 months”.

If you’re looking for a nearby physiotherapy clinic in Edmonton, we are right here for you. At Milestone Physio & Wellness Clinic, we provide patients with natural and non-invasive treatment to ease back pain and improve their overall health. In addition, we focus on ensuring patients avoid the need to use harmful pain-killing medication that may pose a threat to their bodies.

What can Cause My Back Pain?

Based on the evidence obtained, it was discovered that victims with this condition are asymptomatic, and as a result, they do not experience any sign of pain or discomfort. Back pain is multifactorial, and its early symptoms are uncommon to detect. In some cases, it may lead to injury. Most common causes of this condition include trauma, job stress, sports stress, repetitive motion, poor loading strategies, as well as musculoskeletal pain. Therefore, it is important to ensure that safety strategies are adopted from time to time to manage any possible causes.

Other Possible Conditions that may Lead to Back Pain Include the Following:

Whichever condition you may be experiencing, kindly know that not every patient can achieve relief using the same treatment plan. Therefore, it is necessary to visit a physiotherapist immediately if you notice any slight discomfort or pain. They will identify the most suitable therapeutic technique that will benefit you and address your own condition.

How can Physiotherapy Relieve Your Back Pain?

Back pain is a depilating condition that can effectively be treated through a therapeutic approach. When you arrive for your scheduled appointment with one of our physiotherapists, a physical evaluation will be conducted to identify the root cause of the pain before a personalized treatment will be designed to address your condition.

During your assessment, all tests needed to identify the exact cause of your pain will be conducted. Also, certain medical health-related questions will be asked in order to have a clue of your previous medical condition as well as the symptoms experienced.

Once the examination is concluded, a treatment plan will be created by your physiotherapist. The plan will include suitable therapeutic techniques such as specific movement, exercise, acupuncture, and other result-proven therapy to ease pain and improve overall health.

While undergoing your treatment, our physiotherapist will focus more on achieving full recovery. As a result,  your treatment will be modified to increase the strength, flexibility, and functionality of your upper back, shoulder muscles, and neck.

After completing your entire treatment, your physiotherapist will educate you on preventive measures as well as lifestyle strategies to adopt in order to avoid stiff back or severe back pain. Also, we often advise our patients to visit the clinic regularly for constant checkups. Our physiotherapist provides additional therapeutic recommendations such as in-home exercises and stresses as well as other movements to keep the spine in its perfect state. 

Benefits of Back Pain Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy treatment is the most effective method to ease back pain and provide relief. Unfortunately, a lot of individuals often opt for over-the-counter drugs to ease their pain and symptoms.

Back pain physiotherapy helps patients achieve long-term relief and ensure they return to their normal lifestyle again. Other benefits include:

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Are you experiencing slight or intense pain around your back? Do you need a long-lasting solution to address your back pain? Milestone Physio & Wellness Clinic can help you identify the best treatment to improve your health and lifestyle. Contact us as soon as possible to schedule an appointment with one of our certified physiotherapists in Edmonton. We will be eager to put you through the right process to recover fully.  


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